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Before First appointment

Dear patients ,
Welcome To WeCare psychiatry Associates.
Thank you for contacting And making an appointment.
Before first appointment please do below:

  • - Due to Covid-19, all of our visits are happening on or phone(if Internet is an issues), NO need to download anything , just click the link and wait in virtual waiting area, you may call if Dr. Joshi does not appear within 10 minutes of scheduled time. You may use your smart phone or computer for this have video appo
  • - If your insurance does not cover, we will charge you cash/check/venmo/Cash app/Zille chase pay $120 for first visit (60 to 90 minutes), and 75$ following 30 minutes visits.
  • - Please Fax your insurance card, driving license/ID to Fax # 833 974 2066.
  • - Intake form
    Please fill out / preferably type in computer your intake form. Form you can find here.
    You can email to
  • - If you have any previous records, please fax to our listed Fax # 833 974 2066.
    Easy way to get this -> If patient you have been on any medication & unable to recall the names, dosage & timeline..
    - Fastest way to get records is to ask your current & previous pharmacies to send fax to WeCare psychiatry Associates. You should request your past psychiatrist or PCP to send records as well but it is often not sent as quickly .
  • - Emergency happens, so if you are unable to make it, please call and reschedule, so someone who needs your service urgently , can take that appointments.

NOTE: Our email is HIPPA secured, however ,patient's emails are often not HIPPA secure, we recommend you fax us the information if that is case. If you decide to email the intake form, please do not add any identifying information such as your name, DOB, Social security number, address, phone number and possibly send from email that does not say your name. You can fax that portion instead of email.

Book an appointment

Patients who register and log in via athena portal & enter all the information will be given priority for appointments, they do not need to fill out everything in intake form except medication history and current medication.

Patients must finish registration and log into athena portal and enter information before appointments, and patient must email their insurance card at least 1 to 2 days prior to appointment to staff@wecare-psychiatry and Insurance information must be added by the staff before appointment in order to start appointment and prescribe medications.
To book an appointment please Click Here


Patient should preferably have laptop, and have good internet connection for tele-psychiatry vidoe visit.

if patients have only smart phones, it is fine, however make sure you have a good internet or 3 G network connection, but having a laptop or tablet is strongly recommended